Welcome, Cait Eliza here! My photography story began on the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland where I adventured for a year of life during college. My fear of forgetting that beautiful time abroad created an obsession to remember, to reminisce, to create reminiscence. I carried my old Canon Rebel everywhere I traveled; surfing Irish beaches, climbing the cliffs of Spain, backpacking Italy and shredding snow in Switzerland. I thought if I could capture those moments, I would be able to share them with loved ones far away, and relive them in memory as I looked back. Sure enough, those images continue to recreate reminiscence for me over and over.

Then, one rainy morning in my little Irish home, I was reading in the book of Hosea, studying about Israel’s unfaithfulness to her God. There I read the words that would be written on my heart forever.

“therefore, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness,

and speak tenderly to her.” - Hosea 2:14

The wilderness has always been a place where I find God’s tender love. As I walk with the Lord in photography, it is my passion to capture other's wild and tender moments.


While I may have entered the photography field as a landscape photographer, I quickly found that the most meaningful photos inherently had humans in them. This truth has shaped my photography into the art of creating reminiscence. I believe this makes me a lifestyle photographer; capturing the guided and purposeful smiles, while also getting the little in between moments. Capturing images that will create reminiscence means that the details matter, and the experience we create together for a session should feel as natural as a walk in the park (or a hike to the creek).



“Caitlin made us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. She did a wonderful job of making it feel like a personalized and intentional shoot and not just something she's done with lots of other clients. Still to this day these photos are some of my favorites we've ever had.”